Rules and Strategy Every Baccarat Player Should Know

If you’re new to baccarat, it helps to familiarize yourself with some important game basics before you start playing it with money involved. Typically, the game is played using 8 card decks in a shoe. Every card that is under 10 is worth their actual face value. The face cards along with 10 are considered 0 and Ace is valued as 1. During the game, the bets will be played on either the player, the banker or a tie.

Two cards of two hands will be distributed to the player and to the banker. Each of the hands is scored by totaling two cards while dropping the first number. For instance, if you have a hand with a 5 and a 7, you will have 2 as a score since 5 and 7 is 12 and you need to drop the 1 at the beginning.

An additional card may possibly be dealt but it would depend on the conditions below:

– If the banker or the player has either 9 or 8 for a score, they both have to stand.

– When a player has a hand that is 5 or something lower, he will hit, otherwise, he will stand.

– When you stand, the banker can hit 5 or lower. In the event that the player chooses to hit, a chart will be used to determine whether the banker should hit or stand.

Understanding the Odds

In baccarat, whoever has the higher score will win. A winning banker bet will pay out either 20 or 19 which means even money that is deducted by a commission of 5%. The commission is carefully tracked and then cleared out the moment you decide to leave the baccarat table to ensure that you will still have funds left before you decide to leave.

If the winning bet is on a player, the pay is typically 1:1. For a tie, the winning bet usually pays 8:1 but there are instances when it could be 9:1. Typically, this is considered as a bad bet especially since ties occur way less than other types of hands. Also, players are advised to never bet on a tie.

Baccarat Strategies

Like any online casino games, there are a ton of misconceptions about the baccarat game that seem to have proliferated over time.

For instance, there is the misconception that is quite common with roulette where players think that a past outcome can have an effect on a future result.

This isn’t quite true. The past will never be an indicator on the events that are yet to occur when playing the game, this means that religiously taking note of the results by writing them down on a chart or any note will just be a waste of time, effort, and paper.