Can You Beat Online Blackjack?

Through the years, blackjack has remained to be one of the most popular card games that people enjoy. And, it’s no wonder why, as it has always been deemed to be a game that you can beat. But with the entry of online casinos and people choosing to play at the comforts of their homes, is it still the same?

Surely, you have watched the movie “21”, where MIT students were trained to become card-counting blackjack experts. It is a fact-based story that can indeed happen in real life. And, if you are hoping to do the same through online casinos, there’s something you have to understand first: playing blackjack online requires a different approach compared to playing live. And, it all starts with how you deal with the game.

So, to answer the question: Can you beat online blackjack? Our answer is simple: it depends. You will need a whole lot of discipline as well as an understanding of the mechanics of the game.

You should also keep in mind the strategies that can work in an online setting. And, to help you with this, here are a few things to help you beat online blackjack.

Beating a Virtual Blackjack Dealer

Usually, online blackjack involves playing in a virtual environment. You can expect to see a visual representation of a blackjack table that is similar to the layout you will see in a live and land-based casino. And, more importantly, it will involve a virtual dealer.

The game starts when you click “Deal” and cards will appear on your device’s screen. So, every new hand begins with a deck of 52 fully shuffled cards. This is very much different from playing live since usually in a shoe, there will be only 4, 6, or 8 decks.

You can’t apply the same card-counting techniques on online blackjack. There is simply no way to achieve and keep an accurate count if the cards are always getting shuffled after each hand. However, many players can still beat the game even with these conditions. How? They focus on the basic strategies needed for online blackjack.

Take the time to memorize basic blackjack strategy charts, and soon, you will be able to carry out the right play on your instinct.

There have been studies showing that when you use proper blackjack strategies, you can lower the house’s advantage by at least a number below 1%. This is already a considerable edge for a player!

Beating a Live Blackjack Dealer

Nowadays, more and more online casinos offer live dealer blackjack. In this case, there will be a live video stream of a real person who will manage the game. Here, there is a better chance for you to apply your card-counting skills.

However, this is still dependent on whether or not the cards are dealt from a shoe. If the live dealer uses multiple decks on a game, then you will have the advantage of counting cards.

Also, knowledge of basic blackjack strategy is still crucial to beating a live blackjack dealer. This will come handy when making the right plays for every single hand. And, it allows you to maintain your advantage over the casino.

Can You Beat Online Blackjack?

To answer this question, we come back to our answer: it depends. Specifically, it depends on you. You are the only one who can answer this question. Because only you know if you have the discipline to play the game correctly, only you know if you have the bankroll to back you up, and only you know the depth of your basic blackjack strategy skills.