Winning Strategies to Employ When Playing Blackjack

A lot of people often have this misconception about blackjack where they need to possess some godly bluffing skills if they’re to ever win when playing the game. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. While it is one of those games where luck does play a role, it’s a fact that it is fun and entertaining to even those who are new to the game.

One of the things you need if you are to play the game, however, is to never back down from taking risks. In this game, your goal is to gather cards which value will be as close to 21 as possible. You aren’t allowed to go beyond 21 though, as this would constitute a loss. This does sound easy enough for the newbies to remember. However, here are some strategies that might help improve your winning chances.

Tip 1 – Always play to win and only take insurance when there is a need for you to.

In this game, you are playing only against the dealer. However, it does help when you at least have an idea of the cards that other players have. This makes it easier for you to assess how profitable your cards are going to be. This is also helpful at assessing your winning chances.

However, your goal is to hone on the dealer’s card and how to beat them. This is why, when it comes to taking insurance, only do so when you absolutely must as it is just the same as placing a bet against yourself.

Tip 2 – Learn the splitting rules.

If you have been dealt with two cards that are of equal value, you are given the choice to either split the cards so you can then play them as two separate cards. You do have to make a bet on the second card and it needs to be the same amount.

There is a strategy you can employ for this particular situation that will help improve your winning odds. If you happen to have two 5s or two 10s, it is best to just stick with them and not to split.

If you happen to have two 7s or two 8s and the dealer will show you his card to be of equal value or lower, like a 5 or a 6, you can then go ahead and split your cards. If you’ve been dealt with face cards, the strategy is to avoid splitting them. In the event that you were dealt with two aces, the best strategy is to split.

Tip 3 – Maximizing Double Downs

If you ever feel that the initial two cards dealt by the dealer are really good, you have the choice to double down your bet and double it. This is a great chance that every blackjack player should never miss out on so if there ever is an chance to double your bet, make the most of it.

The key to winning in blackjack is keeping a winning mindset. So, if the situation really warrants it, being aggressive is the key!

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